Our classes

Children’s ballet

Our school follows the Royal Academy of Dance system of training. This system is specially designed for children and teens respecting the physical and emotional growth of the young dancers, and not demanding from them more than what a young body can achieve.
To the children, and their families, who wish to commit we offer the Royal Academy of Dance examinations portfolio outlining a progressive structure for learning and achievement in dance that is a great experience for the students and could eventually lead to a dance career.

Adults’ ballet

Whether you have danced before or you want to start, you can enjoy a professional and friendly class from which your body and mind will comprehensively benefit.


Contemporary encompasses a wide range of styles that have their roots in both modern and ballet. The fun and energetic dynamics of this lesson will take you to work turned-in and turned-out, flex and point, down to the floor and up. You are about to gain self-expression and versatility.


For every one aged 10+, floor barre is the ultimate work out, not only for dancers but also for laypersons. You will improve coordination, flexibility, strength, and stamina. It is the ideal warm-up for the day or the dance class or a good end to a busy day.


A Jazz class makes-you-wanna-dance. Jazz emphasizes body isolations, quick and precise footwork and suspensions. You will develop musicality, flexibility and muscle strength listening to the pop charts.


Capoeira is a dance form from Brazil that is also a martial art. It improves rhythm, flexibility, strength, concentration and is a very good partner work, both trusting and anticipating the reaction of the person you are working with.


After a warm-up based on release technique, letting the movement free your muscles from accumulated tension, be prepared to express yourself through guided improvisation and choreography.


Join your body and soul through holistic training.
Strengthen your internal muscles and mobilise your spine with precisely customised exercises, inspired by Pilates and dance.
Reward yourself with a self-confident posture in a well-defined, flexible body.

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